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Find out more about Wynand & Claudia du Plessis

Wynand & Claudia du Plessis are wilderness lovers and passionate wildlife photographers. We lived in the Etosha National Park in Namibia for over 10 years and worked as environmental research ecologists.

During our time in Etosha we gained a deep understanding in, and appreciation for true 

wilderness environments. We also lived out our passion for wildlife photography, and became full time nature photographers after we left Etosha. Our coffee-table book on the Etosha National Park in Namibia provides an insider's view into the seasonal rhythms of this African wilderness. Some of our Namibian landscape and wildlife photos including birds can be viewed here.

Wynand has always been a dedicated bird watcher since school. He has seen about 65% of all southern African birds, and also worked in Germany during the last four years as part of various large scale bird mapping projects during the spring and summer months. Wynand's bird photo art and abstract photo art creations can be viewed here.


Our published Namibian photographic printed products like calendars, books, map & photo guides and other products can be viewed here.


Claudia is also the author of self-published fictional travel books on Namibia (Nashorn Nirwana & Elefanten Ekstase). More information can be viewed here.

Wynand & Claudia du Plessis
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