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Greater flamingo

-  Wynand du Plessis  -

Nov2024 Tour

Guided bird watching tour to north-eastern Namibia during November 2024

The focus of this tour will be to visit the area between eastern Etosha and the Kwando river in Caprivi. During this time of the year the rainy season have not started yet, and even the Caprivi region is most likely very accessable. Large concentrations of game are still gathering at waterholes in Etosha, and along the rivers in the Mahango Game Reserve and along the Kwando river further east. Many migratory species from Africa are arriving, and most birds are starting to claim there territories and are constantly singing and being active finding mates. The areas we plan to visit are teaming with game, and over 490 species of birds have been recorded. We may expect to see between 300 to 350 birds during a two week tour. 

The focus on this tour will again be to have quality time watching birds and observing mammals, and it is not so much about seeing as many animals as possible. This tour is therefore not suitable for hardcore birders and listers, and also not for professional bird and wildlife photographers.

More information will be made available in the next few months.

If you are potentially interested to join this tour, please add your name and contact details in an email by using the button below to open your email application. We will use the services of a very well established tour company in Namibia that will make all the arrangements and accommodation bookings, and provides a vehicle and driver. Wynand will join the tour as the expert bird and wildlife guide.

Yes, I am interested to join the planned tour in November 2024

(please provide your name, surname and nationality in your email message)

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